March 21, 2023
A dog and a girl lying in the grass

Is Your Pet Ready for Spring?

Spring is in the air! This means lots of walks, playing fetch, and exploring with your four-legged friends. The sunny weather, blooming flowers, and singing ...
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Dog scratching its ear

Signs Your Pet Has Allergies

While many humans have pet allergies, pets’ immune systems can fail them too. Just like in people, allergy symptoms in dogs and cats develop when ...
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Cat begging for food gif

Cat Behaviors and Common Problems Explained

Have you ever sat at home, watching your cat, and wondered, “What could they possibly be trying to tell me?”, or “Why on EARTH are ...
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Veterinary cat vomiting support

Why Is My Cat Vomiting?

Fact: Cats vomit. It’s just what they do! But aside from being a little gross, your cat’s vomiting might actually seem a little scary. Here’s ...
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Sad Cat sitting near the window

The Owner’s Guide to Cat Separation Anxiety

Cats are usually very independent. That’s why people find it hard to believe that a cat can get separation anxiety. But, cats are social beings ...
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luuup litter box

Gift Guide: 12 Gifts For The Cat Lady

Cat ladies have gotten a bad rap as homely old cat hoarders, but real cat ladies know that couldn’t be further from the truth. This ...
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A sad depressed cat on the window

Is My Cat Depressed? The Sad Cat Decoded

Is your cat acting out of character? If “Yes”, you may have a sad cat! Fact: Depression in cats is a real and recognized condition. ...
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Heavy Breathing in Cats

Dogs pant. Cats don’t. If your cat is breathing heavily, erratically, or with great effort, it’s worth exploring further. What might cause your cat to ...
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Roundworms in cats

Worms in Cats: Intestinal Parasite Infections

Cats are at risk from a number of intestinal parasites. Commonly referred to as “worms,” these greedy interlopers can steal a cat’s nutrition and even ...
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Why does my cat scratch the carpet?

(Q) Why do my cats scratch the carpets, despite having lots of scratch posts? (A) Behaviourist Jon Bowen says: Cats scratch to sharpen claws, to ...
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