January 28, 2023

Breaking: Governor Christie Signs New Jersey Bill to Regulate Pet Stores

Breaking: Governor Christie Signs New Jersey Bill to Regulate Pet Stores

February 5, 2015: The ASPCA commends New Jersey legislators and Governor Chris Christie for enacting a measure to crack down on New Jersey pet stores that source puppies from inhumane puppy mills. The new law, which goes into effect June 1, requires state pet stores to disclose the origins of the dogs they sell. It also prohibits pet stores from sourcing animals from breeders who fail to meet even the most basic care standards prescribed by federal and state law. If you live in the Garden State, please take a second to send Governor Christie a note of thanks.

“The ASPCA thanks New Jersey lawmakers and Gov. Christie for enacting this law and taking a positive first step towards more humane sourcing of puppies by New Jersey pet stores, which will put pressure on the commercial breeding industry nationwide to end puppy mill cruelty and stop placing profit over the well-being of the dogs in these facilities,” said Debora Bresch, Esq., Senior Director of ASPCA Government Relations for the Mid-Atlantic region and a New Jersey resident. “This new law is critical to our continued effort to end the inhumane treatment of dogs in commercial breeding facilities that exploit both the dogs and consumers in pursuit of profit.”

This is a major victory not only for puppies, but for all of the advocates and concerned citizens who raised their voices on behalf of animals. Job well done!

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