January 31, 2023

Blue Lagoon Teams Up with Hot 91.7


Could there be a better way to ring in the first day of summer than with a blazin’-hot beach party? According to sun-worshiping revelers who turned out to Blue Lagoon Island in full force on June 21, the answer was a resounding, “NO!” Hot 91.7 headed to Blue Lagoon to help usher in summer with a beach party that rivaled even Junkanoo in intensity. Even Mother Nature cooperated; the sun attended but the rain stayed home despite its proclivity for washing out many June beach plans.

The music was as diverse as the large crowd that turned out, thanks to Hot 91.7’s amazing DJs and personalities. Chart-topping tunes both old and new got the crowd on its collective feet and set the mood for a day of fun in the sun that included beach volleyball, soccer, opportunities to swim with dolphins, and the obligatory (and well-attended) hot-beach-bod contest, and the action-packed and highly competitive Beach Olympics. There were appealing options to everyone in attendance — young and old, adventure-seeking and relaxation-minded. A mellower crowd more interested in soaking up some rays and enjoying the unparalleled seaside scenery, lounged comfortably on unsinkable mats and enjoyed the entertainment from afar.

“It’s going really, really, really well,” commented Hot 91.7 Radio Royalty Randy C. as he took a well-deserved break between volleyball and soccer matches. Turnout has been “solid,” he said, and there was no trouble fielding full teams for the beach sports battles. He gave a much-deserved shout-out to the DJs who did an incredible job keeping the music pumping and the crowd’s energy sky high.

Event organizers thought of everything — including food. Each event ticket purchased through the radio station included a delicious island-themed lunch and refreshing beverages. Partygoers also were granted full access to all of the amazing Blue Lagoon amenities, including beaches, inflatable land and aqua parks, the lagoon, relaxing hammocks, and Big Boss floating gear.

Tourists and locals alike flocked to the family-friendly event that provided a refreshing change from the norm in an outstanding venue. One local guest, Randy C., described Blue Lagoon Island as an “everything venue.” Nassau’s attractions are well-known and well-populated. Sometimes too well-populated (aka over-crowded.) Blue Lagoon Island, he said, is “an awesome spot to get off of Nassau if you want to experience something different … and just kick over and relax” with the entire family. Fun in the sun and opportunities to swim with dolphins and sea lions … isn’t that the very definition of an idyllic Bahamian summer day?

Not surprisingly, visitors to The Bahamas also gave the event and Blue Lagoon Island rave reviews. Unlike Nassau’s packed hotel beaches, restaurants, and casinos that are frequented by a large contingent of tourists, Blue Lagoon Island is a spot where adventurous tourists can interact with locals. Chicagoans Tommy Solberg and Mia Haggerty attended the beach party while on island as volunteering at the All Saints Camp with their church. The party was a going-away reward of sorts for their church team’s hard work. They hit Blue Lagoon on the last day of their trip to swim with dolphins and agreed it was a great decision that generated memories they’ll always cherish.

Blue Lagoon Island looks forward to hosting visitors – locals and tourists alike – all summer long and sending them home with memories of good times on the island.