January 28, 2023

Blue Lagoon Island: A Short Boat Ride Away!


No Better Way to Begin the Day than with a Boat Ride

Visitors to Blue Lagoon Island have no shortage of amazing activities from which to choose. On any given day, guests may decide to snorkel or SCUBA dive, go deep sea fishing, or enjoy a Bahamas dolphin encounter. Regardless of what’s on the itinerary, guests begin their Blue Lagoon journey the same way: by heading to the Paradise Island ferry dock. The anticipation builds as guests scan the azure waters for one of the Blue Lagoon’s six passenger ferries that will whisk them away to paradise.

At the helm of those boats is Capt. Martin Miller. For the past 13 years, Miller has led a team of conscientious crew members. Safety is the team’s foremost focus, followed by their second priority: ensuring that passengers enjoy every second of the roughly 22-minute boat ride to the lagoon and its attractions. While it’s true that the ferry ride probably will not be the most memorable event of most passengers’ days, it is far more than a water taxi ride.