February 1, 2023

ASPCA Happy Tails: Charlemagne the Great

With warm weather on the rise, the question of pets’ fur is a hot topic. Almost every animal needs some type of grooming—whether it’s regular brushing or more in-depth care—and failure to groom can lead to serious consequences. When a cat named Charlemagne’s coat became more than his owner could handle, he was surrendered to the ASPCA where, fortunately, he met new pet parents who wouldn’t “brush” the issue aside. Now he’s living a happy, healthy life. Here is Charlemagne’s story.

Charlemagne and his sister, Chantilly, were both purchased from a cat breeder. Ragamuffin/Norwegian Forest mixes can cost more than $1,000 each, and they are known for their thick, luxurious fur. But with that beautiful fur comes added responsibility: these fancy felines must be groomed frequently, both at-home and by professionals, to avoid health issues. Unfortunately, Charlemagne and Chantilly’s owner couldn’t keep up with the cost of their care, so he surrendered them to the ASPCA.

At the ASPCA Animal Hospital, both cats arrived severely matted. Part of Chantilly’s coat had to be shaved off completely, and Charlemagne was so stressed and uncomfortable that he refused to eat for a few days. They finally acclimated, and on February 14—Valentine’s Day—both cats were adopted into separate homes.

Chantilly settled in to her new life nicely, but one week later, we were crestfallen to learn that Charlemagne had been returned. His new owner’s roommate was allergic to the cat’s lavish coat, so he was back at the ASPCA searching for what would now be his third home. Finally, on March 3, the pretty kitty found his new parents in the form of Ellie and Rich of Astoria, New York.

Ellie and Rich decided to adopt a cat after a positive experience pet-sitting for a friend. “The apartment just didn’t feel the same without some paws scurrying around,” Ellie recalls. On their very first trip to the ASPCA Adoption Center, they spotted Charlemagne. “It was one of those instantaneous feelings when we saw him. I gasped and Rich went, ‘Well, there he is.’”

They entered Charlemagne’s enclosure where he laid “belly side-up flopping around and purring,” Ellie says. “It was impossible not to be smitten with his silly sociability!” But the other thing that drew the couple to Charlemagne was the one thing that had created so many issues for him in the past: his fur. “He was beautiful. We had never seen a large Norwegian Forest/Ragamuffin before. He has a long, gorgeous grey coat. Needless to say, he was hard to resist.” They adopted Charlemagne that very same day.

Back at their apartment, Charlemagne (they call him “Charles” for short) settled into his new home with ease. “There wasn’t even an adjustment period!” Ellie says proudly. “He walked out of his kennel, sniffed, explored a bit, and flopped down to have his belly rubbed.” In addition to regular grooming, Charlemagne is now receiving the undivided love and attention he always deserved. “He loves to play and give and get affection. He follows us from room to room, like a magnet to our feet. It is absolutely impossible to imagine life without him,” she adds. “We are totally in love with Charlemagne!”

Congratulations to this happy family and to Charlemagne for receiving the “FURever” home of his dreams