January 28, 2023

As Ag-Gag Advances in North Carolina, New Investigation Reveals What’s at Stake

As Ag-Gag Advances in North Carolina, New Investigation Reveals What Is at Stake

If a pending ag-gag bill becomes law in North Carolina, a newly released investigation may be the last look the public will get behind the closed doors of industrial agriculture in the state. Undercover video exposing abuse inside a North Carolina chicken slaughterhouse comes just as state lawmakers are fast-tracking a dangerous ag-gag bill (H.B. 405) designed to prevent exactly this kind of disclosure.

The footage, as reported by ABC 11 Raleigh, was captured by an investigator for animal welfare group Compassion Over Killing in March and April 2015. It reveals birds being violently tossed across the facility, workers slamming birds upside down into moving shackles, and sick or injured birds tossed into piles of dead birds like trash. H.B. 405 aims to prevent the documentation and exposure of animal abuse and any other wrong-doing inside factory farms and slaughterhouses, including food safety-related violations and environmental or workers’ rights issues.

Rather than stopping these abuses, some North Carolina lawmakers and corporations would rather just keep the public in the dark. We need your help. If you live in North Carolina, take action today. All others, please share information about ag-gag with your friends and family. Animals should never suffer in secrecy!