January 28, 2023

Are You My Mother? Animal Guessing Game

  • We are trusting that you remembered to acknowledge your mom this Mother’s Day, so let’s test your knowledge of some other mothers. We all know that baby cats and dog are called kittens and puppies, but can you match these unusual baby animal names to the right mom? See if you can take on the animal kingdom and answer the important question, "Who’s the momma?"


    One of these furry friends has babies that are called leverets. Can you pick the right one?


    Impress your friends the next time you see a baby bunny, by calling it a leveret. For ferrets, it is best to use the term "kit." 

  • IMPS

    Pygmy hippos and Tasmanian devils both have a unique look, but only one has babies that are called imps. Which is it?


    Taz’s mom was calling him an imp back in his baby days. Tasmanian devils use the name for their young. Pygmy hippos call their extra-small babies calves. 


    Do you know which animal has babies called whelps? It’s either the wombat or the coyote. 


    Golly gee, whelps are the name for a baby coyote. Wombats use the name that most other marsupials use for their young: joey. 


    Fledgings are the babies of one of these swift and slick hunters, but which could it be? 


    If you wagered that a fledgling was a baby eagle, you are correct. Baby foxes are known as kits. 


    It may rhyme with goat, but a shoat is either the baby version of a lemur or a hog. 


    Shoat is another term for an adorable baby hog. When addressing a baby lemur, use the term "pup." 


    We would always be chipper if we had a baby called a cheeper, but enough about us. Do cheepers have partridges or chickens for parents?


    Cheeper is the term used for a baby partridge. Chickens stick with the easy-to-remember title of chicks for their kids (and select attractive ladies). 


    Both these animals go "squeak," but just one has a baby that matches the sound. Who has babies called squeakers?


    It’s pigeons, the rats with wings, that call their babies squeakers. Regular rats prefer the term "kitten" for their young. Talk about an identity crisis. 


    We have heard of the adorable mixed-breed dog the Puggle, but does that mean their canine relative the wolf has babies with the same name? Or do platypuses have that honor?


    Puggles aren’t just dogs, they are also baby platypuses. How sweet! If you are referring to a baby wolf, it is best to stick with calling it a cub.


    Cygnets seem like they would be tiny cyborgs, but they are either baby swans or baby goats. What do you think? 


    Cygnets are baby swans. You may recall that from the classic story of the ugly duckling. Goats prefer to go with the classic "kid" when calling their children. 


    Neither of these guys have fingers, but one of them, the guinea pig or the trout, has babies called fingerlings. 


    Put your hands together for the fingerling, aka the baby trout. Keep swimming, little guy. Guinea pig youngsters are known as pups. 


    Poults are the product of a mama turkey or a mama echidna. Which one do you think it is? 


    Poults are part of the poultry gang. This is name given to baby turkeys. Echidnas, who must be dog fans, prefer to refer to their babies as puggles. 


    Crias either call hawks or llamas "mama." Do you know what the right answer is? 

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    Cria is the name for a baby camelids like llamas or alpacas, but we prefer to call them lil’ llamas. Hawks, on the other talon, have babies called eyas.