January 30, 2023

Announcing the Change Your Chicken Challenge

Announcing the Change Your Chicken Challenge

September is National Chicken Month, making it the ideal time to issue a special challenge to consumers: Change Your Chicken! This 30-day challenge encourages shoppers to avoid the worst factory-farmed chicken products and instead choose those bearing meaningful animal welfare certifications.

Most chickens raised in the U.S. come from factory farms and live in deplorable conditions. They’re crammed together by the tens of thousands on top of their own waste, never seeing sunlight, and are bred to balloon up to crippling weights. The industry isn’t motivated to make improvements because business is booming—that’s where you, as a consumer, come in. Vote with your wallet and tell Big Chicken that it’s time for a change.

Here are some ways to participate in this important challenge:

1. First and foremost, go ahead and take the Change Your Chicken Challenge. On our new site you’ll find lots of resources and inspiration.

2. Watch and share our video, “Stand Up for Chicken,” featuring a comedian who just can’t get a laugh telling chicken jokes that are a little too real.

3. Share the challenge on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Here’s some sample language you can post along with the image below:

  • The choices you make at the supermarket matter. Join the @ASPCA and #ChangeYourChicken! www.changeyourchickenchallenge.com     
  • Chickens deserve better. Join the @ASPCA and take the #ChangeYourChicken Challenge! www.changeyourchickenchallenge.com

Whether or not you buy chicken, we can all agree that these birds deserve better lives and that consumers should be making informed choices, so spread the word to friends and family. Together we can change chickens’ lives. 

Announcing the Change Your Chicken Challenge