January 28, 2023

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event Recap

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event Recap

On June 30, acting at the request of local law enforcement, the ASPCA assisted in the rescue and removal of 300 dogs and cats from a neglectful animal shelter in Moulton, Alabama. Now, nearly one month later, we are thrilled to announce that the majority of the rescued animals are happily in forever homes.  Some were reunited with loving families in the weeks following the raid, while approximately 250 others were placed up for adoption at an ASPCA adoption event in Hillsboro, Alabama, on July 25 and 26.

At the event, more than 900 people from Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and the surrounding areas came to show their support—and 202 dogs and cats were adopted! Here’s a look at some of the happy new beginnings that were created over the weekend:

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event RecapDaisy Mae, a large hound/Shepherd mix who was once a mother to multiple litters of puppies, was adopted by Jason C. of Decatur, Alabama. He had been following the story of the ASPCA’s rescue and said the animals’ plight brought him to tears. Jason was searching for a companion for his 6-year-old mixed breed, Tango, when he met Daisy Mae. “I promise she is in good hands now,” he said.

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event RecapMr. Bear, an 8-year-old Lab/pit bull mix was suffering from a host of medical issues following his rescue from the neglectful shelter. But that didn’t deter Pam W. of Trinity, Alabama, from adopting Mr. Bear (and his bagful of medications). “He’s old and nobody would take him,” she said. “And that’s one of those things that jumps out and grabs you.”

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event RecapHowdy, a brown hound mix, was adopted by Gabriel G. of Union Grove, Alabama. A test engineer for a contracting company for NASA, Gabriel was eager to provide a better life for Howdy. “This is a privilege,” he said, referring to the opportunity to adopt. “And I’m excited to get him out of this situation.”

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event RecapTara, a pit bull, was adopted by Karen and Rodney R. of Sheffield, Alabama. “We love pits,” said Karen. She and Rodney have four teenagers and two other pit bulls at home, Abby and Lilly. “They’re our 4-legged full-time babies.”

A Weekend of New Beginnings: Alabama Adoption Event RecapMona, an almost-hairless terrier mix, was adopted by Misty and Jerry C. “She’s going to be a beautiful dog one day,” said Jerry, a Marine who is not currently in active service. Misty and Jerry both agree it was “the need” that drew them to Mona. After they rang the adoption bell, Jerry said, “Ringing of the bell is a Naval signature of giving up, but in Mona’s case it’s a signature of a new start.”

These are just some of the many new families that your support helped create. For a closer look at this important adoption event, check out our video below:

We cannot thank the kindhearted people of Alabama and the surrounding areas enough for coming to our event and opening their hearts to animals in need.  If you are interested in adopting one of the remaining animals from this case, stay tuned to our blog for more information this week.