January 28, 2023

9 Ways to Make Your Backyard Dog-Friendly


If you’re bringing a new dog home or are shifting with your furry pal into a home with a garden or backyard, you need to know that your dog can get injured in many ways even in your own backyard.

Don’t let this worry you; all you need to do is make your backyard dog-safe. And if you haven’t the slightest idea of going about this, you’ve come to the right place!

Here are nine ways you can make your backyard a safe haven for your dog.

Build a Fence

Even if you stay at home all day with your pooch, nothing is as safe as a fence. Dogs can leave your yard for more reasons than one and can easily venture outside while you’re not looking. You certainly don’t want your dog to lose its way or get hit by a speeding car!

dog-fenceSo build a fence– not only will it keep your furry pal in, it will also keep other animals out. If your dog is fond of digging and you’re worried he may dig his way out, place big rocks along the bottom edge or install chicken wire under the fence to keep him in.

Do ensure that your small dogs or pups can’t get out by wiggling under the fence or through gaps between the fence and gate. If the fence gets damaged and there’s a gaping hole through it or if you spot loose boards, get repairs done immediately.

Install Good Gates and Safety Locks

Your gate should be high enough so that your pooch isn’t able to jump over it. Quite a few dogs can figure out how to open latches on gates and doors, so use a padlock to keep the gate shut. Gates with self-closing systems will work great in homes with kids- you won’t have to keep reminding them to lock the gate!

Clear Clutter

A cluttered backyard or garden will invite rodents, snakes, and other deadly creatures. To keep your pooch safe from them, clear the yard of all unnecessary items. Further, mow the lawn regularly and remember to empty the garbage bin daily.

Kill Ticks and Fleas

Ticks and fleas can be a problem to both your pooch and your family members. Your dog is certain to bring them inside and if your house gets infested with these little critters, you can have a hard time eliminating them.

So nip the problem in the bud and check your dog’s fur for these insects regularly. Keeping the lawn trimmed will prevent ticks and fleas from proliferating. Use non-toxic insect repellants in the garden to ensure your dog isn’t harmed by the chemicals.

Keep Dangerous Stuff Away

Speaking of chemicals, ensure there are no pesticides lying about the yard. If you store them in the shed, ensure that the toxic substances are under lock and key at all times.

Also keep lawn mowers and other garden equipment out of your dog’s reach.

Grow Plants that Aren’t Harmful to Your Pooch

azaleaMany of your beloved plants can be harmful to your dog when ingested. So research well and grow only those that are safe to have around dogs. Also avoid growing cacti and plants with thorns that can hurt your pooch.

Make the Landing Soft

If you and your pooch love playing throw or fetch in the backyard, you need to make sure the flooring isn’t hard. While your dog may seem comfortable bouncing and jumping about on the concrete floor, he needs a cushioned landing to ease the pressure on his joints. What’s more, concrete and stone floors can become very hot in summers and can burn your furry friend’s paws!

While growing natural grass is a good option, it can wear out in high-traffic areas and will need to be seeded time and again. Installing fake grass can help as it will stay lush for years with minimum care and maintenance. Also, fake grass is installed on a layer of shock-absorbing material, making it absolutely safe for pets.

Keep the Pool Covered

If you have a swimming pool in your garden, keep it covered at all times so that your dog doesn’t swim unsupervised. You can also install a fence around the pool and fit the gate with a safety lock to keep your dog out of the pool when you’re not at home.

Provide Relief from the Sun

Build a shade or kennel for your pooch so that he can rest when he feels too hot. Make sure he always has sufficient water to cool off.

Consider having a small water feature such as a fountain or a shallow pond. This way, you won’t have to worry about the rising temperatures when you’re away from home for a long time.


Now that you’ve read the information given here, you certainly realize how your dog can run into trouble even in your own backyard. But you have nothing to worry about; just use the tips you’ve read and make your backyard a safe place for your pooch.

He is sure to love you for it!

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