January 31, 2023

4 easy steps to groom a shorthaired cat

grooming cat

Cats need to be groomed every once in a while to make sure that their coats are kept in tip-top condition! Here are five tips for grooming your shorthaired kitty…

1.  When he is happy and relaxed, placing him on a towel or blanket to begin your shorthaired cat’s grooming session.

2. Start by giving him a good hand groom, checking for lumps, bumps and any signs of parasites in the fur. Even with a shorthaired cat, you’d be surprised by how much hair comes out from a hand groom alone. You could also give your cat a good massage at this stage using a Kong ZoomGroom or similar.

3. Taking a soft slicker brush, start at the head and work down the lay of the coat. Work around your cat’s coat, turning him over or standing him up to reach every area. If your cat isn’t keen on this step, recruit a helper to restrain and reassure him. The slicker brush will remove the first layer of dead hair and alert you to any smaller knots.

4. Using a de-shedding tool, work all over your cat’s coat to remove excess fur. Don’t use too much pressure, just gently stroke it over the coat. Never use a de-shedding tool around your cat’s face or more sensitive areas.

5. Finishing your grooming session at the tail. On a shorthaired cat, any loose hair lying on the surface can be removed with a damp cloth or rubber glove to produce a smooth, glossy finish.


grooming cat