February 20, 2019

These cats need your help on Black Cat Appreciation Day

The adorable four-week-old kittens, who have been named Schwarz, Noir, Crna, Preto, Ebony, Pango, Musta and Beltza, are currently in the care of Cats Protection, along with their mother Violet who was found as a heavily pregnant stray.

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day, and whilst we appreciate these beautiful kitties every day of the year, today cat lovers are being urged to spare a thought for a large litter of eight unwanted black kittens.

These aren’t the only black cats in need of homes, however — research shoes that black and black and white kitties take around a week longer to rehome than cats of other colours.

“We got a call in early July from a lady who said a heavily pregnant black-and-white stray was living in her garden,” explained Diana Johnson of Cats Protection’s Northampton and District Branch, where Violet and her kittens are being cared for. “Unfortunately Violet had no means of identification and appeared to have been abandoned”

“When we collected her we were amazed at how large she was — it looked she was about to give birth any minute! She eventually had her eight kittens at the end of July — six black and two black-and-white. We’re used to seeing litters of four or five cats, so eight is something of a local record!”

Since then, the charity’s volunteers have been providing round-the-clock care to the black kitties while Violet has been doing her bit — giving her kittens milk, licking them clean and using her body to keep them warm.

“The kittens themselves are very early developers,” said Diana. “They opened their eyes and started moving around much earlier than usual and are on a persistent mission to break out of their enclosure and explore their fosterer’s home!

“We hope to find them new homes next month when the kittens will be eight-weeks-old, have received their first vaccination and will be fine to be away from their mum.”

Unfortunately, apathy on the part of potential owners could hold this cat family back from its happy ending: “Black and black-and-white cats take around a week longer to find homes, despite the fact they make up more than half of the 5,000 cats that are in Cats Protection’s care at any one time across the country” says Zahir White, spokesperson for Cats Protection.

“There is a lot of myth and superstition surrounding black cats but from our experience they lose out to the brighter-coloured tabbies, torties and gingers who are much more likely to catch the eye.”

“It’s a great shame because black cats have just as much love and affection to offer an owner. We’re hoping that people remember their plight during Black Cat Appreciation Day and get in touch to offer one a home.”

To adopt Violet or her kittens please contact Cats Protection’s Northampton Branch on 0344 700 3251 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or, if you’d like to adopt other black and black-and white cats in Cats Protection’s care, then please visit www.cats.org.uk and input your postcode into the ‘Find us’ box.

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