December 10, 2018

Swim with the Ocean’s Brightest

Dolphins are widely regarded as the smartest creatures in the oceans and among the smartest on Earth. As such, people have been fascinated with them for hundreds of years. Their playful nature, adorable facial expressions, and overall friendly demeanor and attitude make them enormously popular animals among both children and adults alike. If you’ve ever wanted to swim with, feed, or hug these majestic creatures, come on down to the Bahamas. At Swim With Dolphins Bahamas, we can help you put together the perfect Bahamas dolphin encounter or Bahamas scuba diving adventure for any budget.

Welcome to the pod

Bahamas dolphins tend to congregate in social circles called pods. An individual pod may range in size from just a few dolphins to 12 and above. Sometimes, numerous pods meet up to form superpods of up to 1000 dolphins. When you book a Bahamas dolphin encounter with Swim With Dolphins Bahamas, we take you up close and help you get personal with your new underwater friends. Well known for being friendly and inviting, you’ll have the opportunity to interact and play with dolphins in ways you never thought possible. You may even get a kiss on the cheek.

Two Locations in the Bahamas

Our two diving facilities, located in the two largest port cities in the commonwealth: Nassau and Freeport, are the perfect spots from which to depart on your Bahamas dolphin encounter. Our Blue Lagoon dolphin sanctuary located in Nassau, offers access to these gentle creatures beyond your wildest dreams.

In Freeport, we invite you to take your dolphin play date all the way into the ocean. And because each of these cities is a bustling port, even off the boat you will find plenty to keep you occupied and having family fun. The shops, eateries, and nightlife make Nassau and Freeport perfect destinations for not only dolphin swimming, but also making memories that will last a lifetime.

Taking a Cruise?

Saving money is important, even on vacation. If you’ve scrimped and saved to purchase your dream cruise, make sure that the money you spend on and off the boat is money well spent. If you are going to have a day lay over in the Bahamas during your cruise, then you are going to want to take a day trip.

Many cruise ships offer packages for dives and swims, but they can’t beat our prices and service. If you book a Bahamas dolphin encounter through your cruise line, expect to pay up to 30% more than you would booking through Swim With Dolphins Bahamas.

If dolphins aren’t really your speed, perhaps you’d prefer to scuba in the Bahamas or another water adventure. We can help you find a Bahamas adventure that is right for you. From swimming with the Sea Lions to getting up close and personal with ocean sharks, Swim With Dolphins Bahamas and our dedicated staff can help you find the right trip, for the right price, right away.


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