February 20, 2019

A new tool is hoping to reveal exactly how much your pet will cost you over their lifetime!

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The pet cost calculator, which has been put together by credit comparison experts TotallyMoney.com, is published alongside a survey and infographic, which reveal how much the UK’s pet owners spend on their animals on average.

The research suggests that us Brits spent a record-breaking £7.16bn on our pets in 2015, a growth of 25% since 2010.

Whether we’re spending our cash on professional groomers, expensive treats or posh collars, it would seem that splashing out on our beloved animals is becoming all the more popular.

Are you aware of how much money you’re spending on your feline friend? A new tool is hoping to reveal exactly how much your pet will cost you over their lifetime!

However, despite the growth in spending for dogs and cats, the title of most expensive pet over the course of its lifetime belongs to the tortoise! 

According to the research, the humble tortoise costs £25,787 over its average of 75 years! Whilst the tortoise may not be everybody’s first choice of animal companion, with a steep price tag, a lifetime’s commitment and 40 per cent of owners claiming they take their tortoise on holiday with them, these are clearly popular pets.

The UK’s most expensive pets

  • Tortoise: £27,787 over 75 years
  • Small dog: £19,224 over 15 years
  • Large dog: £17,234 over 11.5 years
  • Medium dog: £16,828 over 11.5 years
  • Cat: £12,322 over 16 years

Goldfish are the UK’s most affordable pet, with 35 per cent of fish owners claiming their pet makes them feel more relaxed. They cost £914 over a typical 7.5 years.

Even after telling cat owners that their pet would cost the same amount of a deposit on a house, 88 per cent said they would still rather have the cat.

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